Seattle-based pop-folk artist and songwriter Tai Shan is known for her unusual chord voicing, wide sweeping melodies, and detailed lyrics. CultureMob raves “Tai Shan sings as if the world was unaware of beauty, and it is her task to describe it.”  As a music teacher, performer, composer, and collaborator with a wide variety of jazz, folk, and pop musicians, she has gained a dedicated fan following through performances across the West Coast. Tai Shan has been featured in film series such as Highlander, Manic Pixie Dream Wife, ArtZone, radio shows such as PDX Podcasts and NPR and she has performed with groups such as The Seattle Rock Orchestra and the Hugo House Artist in Residence series.

Tai Shan’s second full-length album “Living Fiction” is the culmination of three years of songwriting. This collection of songs was developed through her artistic contributions to the Seattle chapter of The Bushwick Book Club—a group whose passion is to read books, write songs about them, and through performance, share their insights. Her focus to write songs inspired by literature led her to work with the Girl Scouts of American to include her song Cool to be weird to their Power Up Program for Bully Awareness.


“Tai sings as if the world was unaware of beauty and it is her task to describe it. She knows each goosebump-raising frequency and proves that whole worlds can exist in a 5-minute song.” —CultureMob

“Tai Shan’s songwriting harkens back to the days of Queen with her complex chord structuring and catchy hooks.” —Andrew Joslyn, Grammy-Winning Orchestrator & Violinist for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

“An amazing talent.” —ArtZone TV Show

“A poet and a seamstress of melodies.” —Jovino Santos Neto, Latin Grammy Nominee

“Don’t wander innocently into one of her shows expecting a simple folk concert. She will ambush you with her beautiful compositions, emotional lyrics, supple singing, and unique guitar voicings.” —Randy Halberstadt, Jazz Pianist

“[Her] solo performance on the piano was one of the saddest songs our little heart has ever heard.” —Seattlest

Tai Shan’s music is like “hugging a total stranger, kind of awkward and totally wonderful” —CityArts Magazine

“Tai Shan evokes Sarah McLachlan at her most reflective.” —Eugene Weekly

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